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Cold Hardy Palm List
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Name, Growth Rate, Hardiness, and Size of Cold Hardy Palms that can grow in NC


Needle Palm  Slow -20 F  Shrub ( RHAP HYSTRIX )

Sabal Minor Slow -5 F Shrub

Saw Palmetto  Slow -5F Shrub

Windmill Palm Medium 0 F 25' +

Mediterranean Fan  Medium 5 F Shrub CHAMAEROPS HUMILIS

Cabbage Palm  Slow 7 F 40’+    SABAL PALMETTO )

other names Swamp Palm, Sabal Palmetto, Sabal, Palmetto Palm

Sabal Palmetto Slow 7 F 40' +

Sabal Riverside Medium 7 F 40' +

Pindo Palm other names (Jelly) (Cocas) Slow 8 F 20' 

California Fan Palm Medium 8 F 50'

Cold Hardy Japanese  Banana:   MUSA BASJOO


*temperatures are in degrees Farenheit 



Other Plants Plants That can be container grown in

Our area. But must be taken in during Winter.


 Growth Rate Hardiness Size

1. King Sago Palm  Slow 15 F  Shrub  (CYCAS REVOLUTA )

2. Bamboo Multiplex   Fast 12 F  25'


The sago palm is not a true palm but rather a Cycas.


Our bamboo multiplex is Alphonse Karr and is a clumping non-invasive palm that is great for screening. This is one of the few bamboos that doesn’t produce long runners that have given bamboo a bad name.